Lyncanth City

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Municipal Flag

Ruler Mayor Vester Byrndum
Population 50,000+
Demographics 75% Human, 20% Elf, 5% Dwarf
Year Founded  
Currency Prince (PP) Crown (GP) Lord (SP) Lady (CP)
Natural Resources  
Manufacturing Wood products, Wagons, Weapons, Iron products.
Government Type Arisocracy
Crime Level Low
Main Religion Church of the Lord and Lady
Other Religions Daisonite Faith

Mayor Vester Bryndum


Lyncanth City was founded as a place to house workers constructed the City of Solace for the Church of the Lord and Lady. The Church granted the land to build the town, which would later become a city and the capital of Lyncanth. Most of the buildings are of masonry and brick construction. Most wood buildings are on the out perimeters of the city. A large segment of the population works in the City of Solace as servants and landscapers. 


Besides honoring all the religious festivals of the Church of the Lord and Lady, the city has several festivals of a secular nature. 

Festival of the Golden Sun

Set at the summer solstice, the Festival of the Golden Sun takes place at the peak of the warm season. It is during this week of festivities that the public welcomes the arrival of summer, offer up their prayers for continued plenty, and enjoy the fruits and other foods favored during this time of year.

During Golden Sun, the city will invite religious figures and foreign dignitaries for a delicious banquet on the first night, complete with a Classical orchestral performance. The second and third nights will consist of opera performances of Classical pieces that were crafted as praise and commemoration for the coming of the summer season.

Remembrance for Departed Heroes

We all know the importance of remembering our departed heroes because they fought and laid their lives for what we are enjoying today.We will continue to do everything within our power to see that the families they left behind are care for.

- Mayor Havre Randers

This festival starts with a wreath-laying ceremonial at the city guards hall and parade of the guard through the city. There are demonstrations of sword play, archery and combat arms. 

Gardtide - Festival of Flowers

This festival seeks to keep the city clean and beautiful. People will gather themselves in committees to clean streets, paint buildings and landscape parks. Its also a time of year that a lot of weddings take place. 

City Quarters/Districts

Sun Town (Government)

Northend (Wealthy Residential)

Riverside (Retail / Middle Class Residential)

Hurlstone (Commerical)

 Roseland (Middle Class Residential)

Saffron (Retail)

Axwall (Lower Class Residential)

Government/Public Places

The Arch - National Government Ministries

Fasthold - Royal Residence of the Prince of Lyncanth

City Hall - Municipal government

City Guard Barracks

Divine Walk

Royal Garden Park

The Light (Retail Area)

Civic Stadium

Major Criminal Organizations

The Riverside Raiders Thieves Guild

Shadow Covenant

Important People of the City

Mayor Vester Bryndum

Councilor Vin Sorvad

Baron Gammel Rasted

Lund Sonderby

Skal Strup

Baek Ferring


Lyncanth City through the eyes of Bargus

Bargus moved quietly, he knew that just beyond the alley was River street the main north-south thoroughfare in Lyncanth City. His racket boss wanted him to prove his loyalty to the Copper Boys but this task just might get him killed. Is that what his boss really wanted? He kept moving down the alley trying to hide in the shadows and used every piece of camouflage he could. River street was just coming to life. Merchants were opening shops and pilgrims were starting to move towards the City of Solace, home of the Lord and Lady faith.

Bargus shook his head at the pilgrims with disdain. They were so pious and were supposed to help those in need or less fortunate. They never helped him or his mother. She died in the Great Wharf fire when he was seven. He had to scrounge for every morsel of food and sought shelter in places that would make most common fold shudder. He sought their help at the city orphanage, but they turned him away because he had two different colored eyes. What did his eyes have to do with giving him a bed and some food? I guess everything. Nevertheless, that encounter made him tough and he eventually made a name for himself along the wharves that line the River Wraith. However, that seemed a long time ago.

He pulled his cloak's hood over his head as he started to cross the street. He dodged several carts laden with vegetables and another one filled with wooden planks. He made it the other side. That was the easy part.

He checked his belt to make sure his dagger was in a good position in case he needed it. He also doubled checked his wrist where a small crossbow was cocked and ready for use. He looked down the alley on this side of the street and made a quick decision not to use it. He remembered that when he was in the lower gangs affiliated with the Riverside Raiders they would have lookouts posted in or near these alleys. He’d take River Street north for a short distance.

He tried blending in with the crowds in the street. River Street was stone paved for its entire length and was by far the busiest in the city. No animals were allowed on it during the day. This eliminated stepping in dung because city workers would clean the street before first light.

Bargus always liked this part of the city. It seemed normal, as normal can get. The shops were well stocked, most people were wearing good clothes and seemed well fed. It’s nice to see how the other half lived. Most buildings in the merchant and wharf quarters were made of brick or stone and had blue high pitched roofs. Most of the buildings lining River street were two and three stories and shaded the street except for the noon hours.

In the distance a bell toiled, he knew it was seven bells and he had to hurry to get to the wharves. He approached the Grand Plaza, the intersection of the River Road and Aeridion’s Walk. The Plaza is surrounded by four and five story building that house wealthy merchants, their shops and restaurants. Peddlers push carts among the crowds pushing their wares.

Bargus knew it wasn’t time for any sightseeing, he was on a mission. He turned and started down The Walk towards the wharfs, always on the lookout for ruffians and Riverside Raiders. He was surprised that no one approached him. From time to time he looked behind him but didn’t sense anyone following him. The Walk became more crowded as the road narrowed as it approached the wharves and the bridge that lead to the City of Solace.

Bargus moved towards the wharf area by keeping to edge of the street. The buildings of stone and brick slowly gave way to long gray warehouses, maritime shops, pubs and the massive Light Blue Port Authority building. Soon he could see several spars of the ships all the wharves and in the harbor. He soon came to the intersection of Quay street and Aeridion’s Walk. He made a right turn and the crowd of pedestrians gave way to stevedores pushing carts laden with newly arrived goods. This is the only area in the city that allows draft animals anytime of the day. Several ships were unloading their goods unto wagons waiting.  A group of sailors, staggering from drinking the previous night, moved slowly towards one of the ships flying the red bull flag of Cartha.

Bargus moved behind a stack of wooden crates to start his observation work. He took out a small pad of paper and pencil to draw the ships and the flags they flew. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he saw him. Zilm, that dirty low down gangster! Zilm was the one that stirred up trouble and Bargus had to flee for his life. Zilm told the lies and sowed fear among the gang. What was Zilm wearing? Was that a necklace with an owl pendant? No, he couldn’t have! He joined the Riverside Raiders? Bargus moved out of hiding spot and slowing moved alongside the building to get a better look at his nemesis.

Zilm moved out in the open with a group of men towards some stevedores, they greeted each other shook hands. Some money changed hands and the group moved down the wharf. Zilm was collecting protection fees? Was he paying the stevedores for information. He was so curious. He moved away from the building out into the open wharf area keeping a “safe” distance behind Zilm and his men. That was his first mistake and not his last.

Two Port Authority men dressed in blue and white checkered livery just so happened to leave a warehouse behind Bargus. They noticed he looked out of place. They shouted “You, there in the black cloak, HALT!” Bargus froze, mistake number 2. He quickly looked back at the men and then to Zilm who turned around to see what the commotion was behind him.

Bargus bolted for Aeridion’s Walk and the possible safety of getting lost in the crowds. He felt his heart pounding as each step seemed to take longer and longer. He could hear the PA men boots hitting on the cobblestone street just behind him. He zigzagged through several moving wagons loaded with melons and some with sacks of grain. He needed to move faster, but the PA men were stubbornly not giving up the chase. Then he saw it, an open grate near a building that led to the sewer system below. He knew it could be quite dangerous down there but maybe, just maybe he would lose the fast approaching PA men. He darted for the opening and took the plunge with reckless abandon. He crashed into a watery slurry mix below. He gagged and quickly gathered himself. Nothing seemed to be broken as he got to his feet. He ran splashing down the corridor and stopped around the first intersection of pipes. He looked back and listened. He heard some voices but no one followed. He was safe…for now.


Notable City Businesses