Sovereign State of Saros

Capital: Ticao

Government: Plutocracy (rule by the wealthy)

o Leader: Prime Consul Janus bet Vhalnichos

o Legislature: Consul Assembly (Consuls)

Major cities

o (coming soon)

 Leader: Magistrate


State Organizations:

o National Army

  • Ranks
    • First Prefect
    • Prefect
    • Tribune
    • Master Soldier
    • Soldier

o National Navy

  • Ranks
    • Captain
    • Ensign
    • Junior Ensign
    • 1st Seaman
    • 2nd Seaman
    • Seaman

o Provosts (National police)

o Sovereign Lifeguards

o History

War of the Catheon Sea (73 AL)
The province of Saros rebels against Lyncanth. Most of the warfare is at sea.
The smaller and more professional Sarosian Navy hits at the Lyncanth Armada with quick strikes and moves away quickly.
The Armada finally makes it to Ticoa with heavy losses. They bombard the city for several days before retiring back up the coast.
The Lyncanth Army tries to move down the coast in secret by using barges. They’re discovered by the Sarosian and 65% of the barges are dropped to the bottom of the sea.
After this horrendous loss, the Lyncanth government relinquishes control and the Principality of Saros is recognized.

The Class War (195 AL)
A lower class woman was raped by the Prince’s uncle and the Royal Police (RP) covered up the matter.
Most middle class shopkeepers and business owners closed their shops to the nobility to protest.
The lower class poor rioted and entered the port area and Statos (elite/wealthy) district of Ticoa.
The RP couldn't keep the rioters at bay. Soon the middle class joined the revolt and marched on Statos as well.
The Price called out the Royal Army to crush the revolters. 75% if the army mutinied and sided with the rebels.
Most of the rank and file RP’s switched sides, when they saw the army not intervening.
The Prince’s household and personal guard were trapped in Statos Keep and demanded parley with the rebel leaders.
The Grand Reform was hammered out between both sides. The Prince would retain a ceremonial role in government. The Prince’s extended male members over the age of 20 were sent to a penal colony on the Isle of Sleat. The rest of the nobility would be abolished.

The Lace Revolution (220 AL)
During the Reformed Principality era, the wealthy gained a lot of power in and out of government. Saros had become rich on trade and banking transactions among the Coastal Kingdoms. They were afraid that Sherran and Lyncanth, in particular, were going to invade and take over Saros for their own.
The super wealthy formed a group called the Foundation. They secretly created their own army, navy and spy network.
By this time the Reformed Principality had grown weak. The army and navy were a shell of their former selves. The only civil organization that had any credibility was the Civil Guard (the police force) and they were secretly controlled by the Foundation.
The Foundation set in motion its coup. The National Army and Navy (Foundation Forces) took control of the Reformed Forces without any combat. The Civil Guard took over Statos Keep and the Assembly building.
To quell any lower class rebellion, they handed out money and food to the people and promised a better life for all.

State Flag of Saros

Prime Consul Janus bet Vhalnichos