City of Ticao

Ticao - The City of Colors


Ticao is the capital of Saros and the main commercial and military port for the region. It has well-developed iron foundries, metal works, shipyards and woodcraft shops. A vast amount of retail shops cater to almost any desire such as; weapons, precious metals, gemstones, magical items and much more.


Tavern and Inns (yellow)

Houses of Worship (White)

Points of Interest (Green)

Entertainment (Purple)

Markets (Red)



Argos (Commercial) a mixed district of warehouses, trading companies, low rent tenement housing and businesses catering to ship repair and outfitting.

Custom House

There are seven major warehouses which deal in a variety of imported goods. They are mostly owned by the shipping firms

Delphi (Middle Class / Business) an affluent district, home to most of the city's lower-rung bureaucrats and middlemen.

Kourion (Middle Class) are the home to the traders, craftsmen, artisans, guild members and other members of the middle class.

Preveza (poor) the slum and the ghetto, home to the poor, the rogues, and the unwanted dregs of the city

Rhamnus (Industrial) clogged up with the smoke from the foundries and metal works

Stratos (Rich) the richest and most exclusive section of the city is home to the elites of society the city and national government as well as the naval shipyard



Ticao, like most of the Coastal Kingdoms, was devoid of human and elven kind since time immemorial. Only the dwarves and halflings lived in the region.

Human (Roakan) Arrival (1 After Landing (AL)

Humans, or Roakan, arrived at the present day location of Ticao around 40 AL. A small fort and trading post was established.


Government / Political System

The members of the City Assembly are chosen by the Consul Assembly of Saros

Chief Magistrate - Resident of Statos District

Magistrate (5 members - one from each district)



75% Human, 15% Halfling, 5% Dwarf and 5% Elf



Ticoa is a major seaport and commercial centre, with a significant fishing and industrial sector.

Major industries: Iron foundries, metalworks, woodworks, warehousing, banking and trade houses.


Defense / Justice

City Guard (Police) 4000 est.

Special Mission Force (SMF) 400 est.



65% Church of the Lord and Lady

25% Church of the Holy Flame

5% Daisonite Faith

5% Unknown


City Life

Night Time

  • The City Guard patrols in groups of 6 or more. They check on businesses and keep a watch on busy taverns and entertainment venues.
  • Taverns and bars come to life with music, drink and prostitutes.
  • The criminal element strikes during these small hours. Mostly burglary, theft, muggings, assaults and the occasional murder.

Near Dawn

  • The foundries come back to life. The furnaces are stoked for another day's labor.
  • Wagoneers and carters struggle to get their last loads out of the city or the warehouses before the traffic thickens up.


  • The City Guard goes back to patrols of 2 and are mostly stationed at major intersections are business.
  • Merchants open they business, stalls or kiosks.
  • The bars and taverns empty, for the most part, of drunken sailors and locals.


  • The docks are bustling with loading and offloading passengers and cargo.
  • The city streets are filled with shoppers purusing goods from all over the Coastal Kingdoms and around the Catheon Sea.
  • Merchants and street vendors hawk their goods and tout their low prices.
  • The smell of food starts wafting through the air as the restaurants, cafe’s and other eateries open for business.

Dusk/Early Evening

  • The City Guard moves throughout the city on crime suppression sweeps. Picking up vagrants, responding to calls of trespassing, keep the city streets passable.
  • The smoke of the foundries lessens as the major works for the day or done and night furnurce stokers take over.
  • Small shops start closing as larger ones seek out that last customer and the coins they possess.
  • Citizens hurry home from a hard day's work. Travelers look for a place to bed down for the night.

Ticao City Flag

Chief Magistrate of Ticao

Map of Ticao