Village of Dranik

1. Village Hall and Court - Current Mayor - Thom Dranik VI
2. Village Watchmen
3. Church of the Lord and Lady - Ordinate Seymour Roth
4. Boothman - Grain seller Benibas Strong
5. Grocer - Dain Falk
6. Shoemaker - Jarin Rulf
7. Blacksmith - Tybalt Drake
8. Tanner - Philo Gaunt
9. Harness Maker - John Mowbray
10.Wheelwright - Carac Derwintwater
11. Eight Jewel Tavern - Baragon Hulaar
12. Long Road Inn and Stables - Thom Dranik VII (Son of the Mayor)
13. Provisioner and General Store - Brae Runavik

The Village was founded by Thom Dranik (the first) over 150 years ago. He was a cartage owner and found a small spring near the nearly constructed "Long Road".

Village Map

Thom Dranik, Mayor

Area Map